The Holy Lie - Icons against Christianity.

Participants in the TV talk-show “Judge for Yourselves,” hosted by anchorman Maxim Shevchenko, during a discussion on the controversy caused by the expedited passage by the Russian Parliament of a new law transferring to the Church property that in the Russian Empire was associated with the Orthodox Christian Church, unexpectedly hit a raw nerve when they touched on the subject of the situation in which the Church and the Russian Federation have found themselves following seventy years of living under atheistic rule. It is very important for the Russian Federation to establish its connection not only with the USSR, declared by President Reagan to be an Еvil Empire, but with the Russian Empire as well. Indeed, if it is a neoplasm having no connection with historical Russia, it cannot establish internationally recognized borders and it is denied the right to defend its national interests, even in its own territory. The legislation, which would transfer such a vast collection without the funds necessary to preserve it, could have the twin impacts of bankrupting the Church while exposing these national treasures to the ravages of time. A holdover from Soviet times, a certain lassitude of thinking bars the State from funding the preservation of art objects owned by the Church, in spite of the fact that such funding would be in the national interest. Additionally, this action would certainly be the best and the most diplomatic way to underscore the determination of the Russian government to restore its historical continuity with the Soviet Union as well as with the Russian Empire.
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