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Prime Source World Wide Libary


The collection counts over 5,000 volumes in electronic format, in all fields of Theology. The purpose of PSWWL is to favor basic training for any theological student and to constitute a starting point and even more for Doctoral dissertations in any subject.
The reference section (dictionaries and encyclopedias) is particularly strong, featuring the classic French dictionary series initiated between 1900 and 1940:

-Dictionnaire de la Bible (with the Supplement 15 vols);
-Dictionnaire d'Archeologie Chretienne et de Liturgie (30 vols);
-Dictionnaire d'Histoire et de Geographie Ecclesiastiques (27 vols);
-Dictionnaire de Spiritualite (22 vols);
-Dictionnaire de Theologie Catholique (34 vols);
-Dictionnaire de Droit Canonique (7 vols);
-Dictionnaire des Antiquites Grecques et Romaines (10 vols).

Other important series, in English and German, are available:

-Theologische Realenzyklopadie (36 vols);
-Der Neue Pauly Enzyklopadie der Antike (15 vols);
-Reallexikon fur Antike und Christentum (20 vols);
-Lexikon fur Theologie und Kirche (10 vols);
-Biographisch-Bibliographisches Kirchenlexikon (20 vols);
-Encyclopedia of Islam (10 vols- the most comprehensive on the topic);
-Routledge Encyclopedia of Philosophy (10 vols, also available as searcheable database);
-Encyclopedia of Monasticism (2 vols);
-Coptic Encyclopedia (8 vols).

Encyclopedias on Judaism, American and Protestant religions, etc are also present in the collection. So is a dictionary series on the lives of the Saints (Bibliotheca Sanctorum, Italian, 13 vols).

Regarding the Orthodox and other Eastern churches, the one most specialized collection is at hand: Orientalia Christiana Analecta (256 vols, published by the Pontifical Institute of Oriental Studies in Rome since 1926), also useful for the bibliography it contains.

Specialized bibliographical works are available, covering most of the 20th century in the domain of Patristics, Biblical studies, Church History and Liturgy.

The vital field of primary sources is represented by the Source Chretiennes collection (350 vols already on the list, the remaining 100 to be added up soon) and by the two most authoritative and complementary collections on the Church councils: that of Phillippus Labbaeus (23 vols, Venice, 1728) and of Joannis Mansi (62 vols, Florence, 1758-1798, republished in facsimile 1901-1927).

Basic- and specialist-level language manuals and studies, as well as dictionaries, are available for Greek (from classical and biblical to patristic and modern periods), Latin, Syriac, Hebrew. PSWWL contains several dictionaries, among which the Greek-Latin Stephanus dictionary (9 volumes), the Oxford Latin-English dictionary, Lampe’s “Patristic Lexicon”, and Liddell and Scott’s Greek-English dictionary.


In addition to the Source Chretiennes collection, the Patristics section contains other collections of critical editions of different Church Fathers, plus monographs, and studies.
Among these are: the Corpus Christianorum Scriptorum Latinorum database (full-text and searcheable, contains the latest critical texts of all the ecclesiastical authors of Latin language up to the middle ages), and the Patrologia Latina database, also full-text and searcheable and containing 181 volumes of the Latin Migne.
There are also: the English-language collection Ante-Nicene, Nicene and Post-Nicene Fathers (38 vols), select volumes from the "Early Church Fathers" and "Fathers of the Church" collections, and from the recent "Writers of the West" series. To this add up several volumes of the Greek and Latin printed series of the Corpus Christianorum.
A Latin-Italian edition of the complete works of St Ambrose of Milan (21 vols) is a recent addition to the library.
The Eastern Fathers come in disparate editions, but they are nevertheless present. The 4th century is well represented, with critical editions of the works of Saints Basil the Great, Gregory of Nyssa and Gregory of Nazianz; St Ephraem Syrus is present in a Syriac-Latin, Greek-Latin and Latin edition (Vatican 1732-1746, 20 vols out of which 10 are available); Patriarch Photius' "Bibliotheca" and his other writings are in PSWWL in full; Sts. Maximus the Confessor and Gregory Palamas are in with several monographs and studies. Most of the monographs and studies in PSWWL deal with the Eastern Fathers.
St Augustine is another important figure extensively dealt with in PSWWL. An entire periodical (Augustinian Studies, 31 volumes, issued annually by the Augustinian Institute of Villanova University, Pennsylvania, since 1970) is dedicated exclusively to St Augustine. PSWWL features different editions of the works of Augustine, and many other studies on his era and his longlasting influence on the Western Christianities.
Another important feature are the classic Patrologies by Johannes Quasten, Berthold Altaner, and O. Bardenhewer.
An essential collection of patristic scholarship is the "Studia Patristica", in some 40 volumes containing the papers read at Patristic symposiums held mostly at the University of Oxford, and edited by different prestigious academic publishing houses in Europe.

Church History

Besides Mansi and the dictionaries mentioned above, PSWWL features K.J. von Hefele's "Histoire des conciles" (22 vols, Paris 1907), a complete collection of John Meyendorff's works, and several compendiums of Church history, e.g. Charles Poulet's "Histoire du christianisme" (5 vols, Paris 1932-).
All the periods of Church history, in both Orient and Occident, and including the cultural and political backgrounds, are dedicated one or more studies. The middle ages, a period not dealt with so heavily as with the Early Christianity, is covered by the "Dictionary of the Middle ages" (13 vols, New York 1982-1990). Heresies, from Gnosticism to Catharism and from Arianism to Iconoclasm, then the Great Schism, the Crusades and the Reformation are also covered. Byzantium and Orthodoxy are particularly stressed upon, with a follow-up in monographs on the Churches under communism.
The monographs on different modern Catholic and Protestant missions in Africa and Asia can be relevant to topics like colonialism. The development of the Catholic and Protestant churches in the middle ages and modernity, in Europe and the Americas, is another important part of PSWWL.
On the history of dogma, several manuals and collections of conciliar decisions are available. Catholic and Protestant synods and confessions of faith are also detailed.
Catholicism in particular is well represented with a few histories of the popes and councils, with collections of the papal bulls and encyclicals since the 1800's, and with an edition of the proceedings of the 1st Vatican Council published for the use of bishops. The 2nd Vatican council enjoys some first-hand monographs.
Monasticism is a topic that enjoys attention in the PSWWL, through the 2-volume Encyclopedia of Monasticism (Fitzroy-Dearborn Pub., 2000), and the studies that cover every time and place of the history of monasticism, from Ireland to Egypt and Syria, focusing on the essential commonalities of Eastern and Western monastic tradition of the first millennium. Monastic history blends with the history of liturgy, in that liturgical practices and themes provenant from the ascetical communities made their way into the public liturgy of the great cities. This development is detailed by a part of the works in PSWWL.


The theological collection covers modern trends in Western theology especially, most of which are not well documented in the Orthodox Church. All the important currents starting with the 18th century are represented, in both Europe and the Americas: the Catholic and Protestant theology of the Enlightenment, i.e. the moment of separation between theology, philosophy and natural science; the deepened breach in the 19th century between the tenets of theology and natural science, and reactions to the theory of
evolutionism: Catholic traditionalism, and the Oxford movement (within the Anglican church); at the beginning of the 20th century, such tendencies as the neo-thomism (Teilhard de Chardin, in the Catholic church) and neo-orthodoxy and theological existentialism (Karl Barth, in Protestantism) are reviewed, and after WW II, the modernist thinkers (Henri de Lubac, Yves Congar, Karl Rahner) who opened the way for the Vatican II Council with its stated purpose to adapt Christian revelation to the modern secularized societies, and for the Catholic implication in the ecumenical movement; the
Protestant world saw the emergence of form criticism and demythologization of the Bible in order to apply the Christian teachings today (Bultmann). Overall, main theological themes in 20th century are the unity of world history and salvation history, the dialogue with Marxism and the Western liberal democracy, sensing the evils in both, with an impulse to Christian action (even political) in view of eschatology, to which adds up a growing perception of the communal character of Christian faith, which leads to the
creation of the ecumenical movement. In the USA, there is impetus to social justice and to awareness of the Christian identity of churches as opposed to sect, race and class identity (the Niebuhr brothers, Paul Tillich). The last 3 decades of the 20th century in America saw the appearance of process philosophy with its emphasis on natural theology; of the issue of secularization and its positive valorization; of Black and feminist
theologies which relate to third world theologies. The most significant development has been the rise of a new evangelical theology that is staunchly anti-Communist (Fascist), which sees its role as strengthening the position of the US among the nations of the world. Emphasis on community focused theological thinking on Triadology, Christology, ecclesiology and anthropology. They are all well represented in the present collection;
triadology, in special, is covered by the most important 20th century and newer literature.

Biblical studies

The biblical section contains an abundance of resources. There are manuals and general introductory works, specific exegetical studies on the books or chapters of the Old and New Testaments, and bibliographical volumes. This literature contains all the schools of biblical interpretation of the 20th century. Histories of the evolution of interpretation are available.
Important headings on PSWWL's list are: "Biblia Hexaglotta", (in 6 volumes, it puts together the biblical texts in 6 languages: the original languages: Hebrew, Greek, Latin and Syriac, plus English, French and German); the "Biblia Patristica" series, an exhaustive multi-volume compilation of the biblical references in Patristic works; and "The International Critical Commentary" series, containing the most important works of the 20th century on every book of the Bible.


The liturgical section is covered by cornerstone studies on all the aspects of Christian liturgy: history, principles, recent views and research. The origins and early evolution of the Eucharistic liturgy and of the liturgical year, in East and West, are particularly well represented. Other sacraments, the hierurgies and liturgy of the hours are not missing either. The Orientalia Christiana Analecta collection is particularly relevant to the study of Eastern liturgy, from the Byzantine to the Armenian, Nestorian, and Coptic traditions. Putting together the bibliographical listings in OCA yields a fairly complete image of the literature on Eastern liturgies. It is, at any rate, the place to start with in any scholarly enterprise on the liturgy.
The primary sources come in the form of collections of prayers and liturgical references. 2 examples are: the "Enchiridion Euchologicum" (edited by Enzio Lodi, Rome 1979, in 2 volumes containing the places and texts in all the sources available, where liturgical references occur, from the mystery religions through Jewish sources and to Christian liturgical manuscripts and the Fathers of the Church, in all traditions - in Latin and Greek) and the "Ritus Orientalium" (2 volumes, edited by H. Denzinger and published in Graz, 1961). There is also a Greek Menaion (6 volumes, Rome 1888-1901) plus editions of some manuscripts.
The 20th century "Liturgical movement" in the Catholic church leading to the reforms of the 2nd Vatican Council, as well as their influence on Protestantism, which developed into the creation of ritually richer liturgies in the 70's and 80's, plus the establishment of Liturgical studies as an academic discipline, receive all extensive treatment in PSWWL.

A number of important books, both primary sources and studies, are available in Religion and Philosphy. They deal primarily with the doctrine and spirituality of different factions in Islam, Buddhism and Taoism. A number of dictionaries and encyclopedias are available on Judaism. In Philosophy, all the periods are covered, from classical Greece to modernity, through the scholasticism of the Middle ages, the magical philosophy of the Renaissance and the rationalism of the Illuminism. The relationship between religious philosophy and science is also put under light by some key works.

Mansi,Joannes Dominicus_Sacrorum Conciliorum Nova et Amplissima Collectio 60 volumes
Labbei, P. & Cossarti,G._Sacrosancta Concilia ad . Regiam Editionem Exacta 23 volumes
Frond, Victor_Actes et Histoire du Concile Oecumenique de Rome (First Vatican ) 8 volumes
Clementis XII(ed)_Ephraem Syrus_Opera Omnia 10 volumes
Levante De, Eduardus Riches_BIBLIA HEXAGLOTTA 6 volumes
Bibliotheca Sanctorum 13 volumes
Corpus Christianorum 22 volumes
Sources Chretiennes 442 volumes
Orientalia Christiana Analecta 254 volumes
Hefele Hist. des conciles 22 volumes
Histoire de l'Eglise 21 volumes
Augustinian Studies 31 volumes
Fathers of the Church 17 volumes
The International Critical Comentary on the Holy Scriptures 19 volumes

Baudrillart,A._Dictionnaire D'Histoire et de Geographie Ecclesiastiques (27 volumes)
Bautz,F.W._Biographisch-Bibliographiches Kirchenliexikon (20 volumes)
Cabrol,F._Dictionnaire D'Archeologie Chretienne et de Liturgie (30 volumes)
Chebel,Malek_Dictionnaire des symboles musulmans
Daremberg,Mm.Ch._Dictionnaire des Antiquites Grecques et Romaines (10 volumes)
Dictionnaire apologetique de la foi catholique (5 volumes)
Dictionnaire de Theologie Catholique (33 volumes)
Dolger,F.J. & Lietzmann_Reallexikokon fur Antike und Christentum (20 volumes)
Holweck,F.G._Biographical Dictionary of the Saints
Hughes,Thomas Patrick_Dictionary of Islam
Kasper, Walter_Lexikon fur Theologie und Kirche (9 volumes)
L'Etranger_Dictionnaire de la Bible + Supplement (15 volumes)
Louis Jacob_The jewish religion (dictionary)
Naz,R._Dictionnaire de Droit Canonique (7 volumes)
Strayer,J.R._Dictionary of the Middle Ages (13 volumes)
Viller,Marcel S.J._Dictionnaire de Spiritualite (22 volumes)
Walsh,M._Dictionary of Christian Biography
Werblowsky,R.J. Zwi _The Oxford Dictionary of the Jewish Religion

Abecassis,Armand Encyclopedie de la mystique juive
Atiya, Aziz S._Coptic Encyclopedia 8 volumes
Batz,H.R._Theologische Realenzyklopadie 36 volumes
Cancik,H.,Schneider, H._Der Neue Pauly Enzyklopadie der Antike 14 volumes
Craig,E._Routledge Encyclopedia of Philosophy 10 volumes
G.Wigoder_Encyclopedia of Judaism
Gibb, H.A.R._Encyclopedia of Islam 10 volumes
Glasier & Hellwig Modern Catholic Encyclopedia
Hill,Samuel S._ Encyclopedia of Religion in the South
Johnston,W.M._Encyclopedia of Monasticism 2 volumes
McAuliffe,Jane D._Enciclopaedia of the Qur'an(vol.A-D)
Melto,Gordon_Encyclopedia of American Religions
Murphy,Larry G._ Encyclopedia of African American Religions
Neusner,J._Encyclopedia of Judaism 3 volumes
Sloane, T.O._ Encyclopedia of Rhetoric
Water,Mark_rNew Encyclopedia of Christian Martyrs


Ainalov,D.V._The Hellenistic Origins of Byzantine Art
Bazin,Germain_The Baroque
Beckwith,John_Early Christian & Byzantine Art
Beckwith,John_The Art of Constantinople. An introduction to Byzantine Art
Calkins,Robert G._Monuments of Medieval Art
Cormack,R_Byzantine Art
Cormack,Robin_Writing in gold.Byzantine Society and its Icons
Crook,John_The Architectural Setting of the Cult of Saints in the Early Christian West 300-1200
Cutler,Anthony_Transfiguration. Studies in the Dynamics of Byzantine Iconography
Dalton,O.M._Byzantine Art and Archeology
Dalton,O.M._East Christian Art
Demus,Otto_Byzantine Art & the West
Du Bourguet,P._Early Christian Art
Duby,Georges_Foundations of a new humanism 1280-1440
Durand,J.N.L. _Precis Of The Lectures On Architecture
Durand,Jannic_Byzantine Art
Erlande-Brandenburg,Alain_Gothic Art
Evans,Helen C._The Glory of Byzantium.Art and Culture of the Middle Byzantine Era
Gerhard,H.P._The world of Icons
Gerstel,S.E.J._Beholding the Sacred Mysteries. Programs of the Byzantine Sanctuary
Giakialis,Ambrosios_Images of the Divine. The Theology of Icons at the Seventh Ecumenical Council
Grabar,A_Byzantine Painting
Grabar,Andre_Beginnings of Christian Art 72,211,297,298
Grabar,Andre_Iconography.Study of Its Origin,,,
Grabar,Andrey_Early Christian Art
Hall,James_Dictionary of Subjects and Symbols in Art
James,Liz_Light & Colour in Byzantine Art
Jensen,R.M._Understanding Early Christian Art
Kinross,Lord_Hagia Sophia
Kitzinger,Ernst_Byzantine Art in the Making
Kitzinger,Ernst_Early Medieval Art
Krautheimer,R._Studies in Early Christian, Medieval and Renaissance Art
Kuhnel,B._From the Earthly to the Heavenly Jerusalem
Lafontaine-Dosogne,Jacqueline_Histoire de L'Art Byzantin et Chretien d'Orient
Link,Luther_The Devil.The Archfiend in Art 130,131,146,147
Lowden,John_The Octateuchs.A Study in Byzantine Manuscript Illustration
Mainstone,R.J._Hagia Sophia
Mango,Cyril_Art of the Byzantine Empire 312-1453 Sources and Documents
Mango,Cyril_Byzantine Architecture
Mathews,Thomas_Byzantium from Antiquity to the Renaissance 96,97
Milburn,R._Early Christian Art and Architecture
Narkiss,B._Hebrew Illuminated Manuscripts
Onasch,Konrad_Icons. TheFaccination and the Reality
Ousterhout,R.(ed)_The Sacred Image East & West
Ousterhout,Robert_Sacred Image - East and West
Padovan,R._Proportion-Science, Philosophy, Architecture
Panofsky,Erwin_Renaissance and Renascences
Peic,Sava_Medieval Serbian Culture
Pianitsky,Yuri_Sinai, Byzantium, Russia. Orthodox Art fromSixth to the Twentieth Century
Schreckenberg,Heinz_Jewish Historiography & Iconographyin Early and Medieva Christianityl
Sendler,Egon_L'Icone.Image de l'invisible
Sherry,P._Spirit and Beauty-An Introduction to Theological Aesthetics
Sitwell,Sacheverll_Gothick Europe
Swaan_The Late Middle Ages.Art and Architecture from 1350 to the Advent of the Renaissance
Van Der Meer,Frederick_Apocalypse.Visions from the Book of Revelation in Western Art
Vassilaki,M._Representations of the Virgin in Byzantine Art
W.Swaan_The Late Middle Ages-Art
Weitzmann,Kurt_Late Antique & Early Christian Book Illumination
Weitzmann,Kurt_Late Antique and Early Christian Book Illumination2
Weitzmann,Kurt_The Frescoes of the Dura Synagogue & Christian Art
Weitzmann,Kurt_The Icon


Brown,R.E._Biblical Exegesis & Church Doctrine
Carrez,M.(ed)_De la Torah au Messie
Davidson_Typology in Scripture
E. Haenchen_Gospel of John
Shea,M.P._Making Senses out of Scripture Society of Biblical Literature_2000 Seminar Papers
Spicq,C._Esquisse d'une histoire de l'exegese latine au moyen age
Voste,J.M. _De Divina Inspiratione
Wegner,P.D._Journey from Texts to Translations-Origin & Development
Yancey, Philip_The Bible Jesus Read

New Testament:
Allison,D.C._The Sermon on the Mount
Ashton,J._Understanding the 4th Gospel
Barclay,W._The Mind of St. Paul
Barker,M._the Revelation of Jesus Christ
Beutler,J._Der Neue Mensch in Christus-Hellenistische Anthropologie
Bowden,J._Jesus-The Unanswered Questions
Buttrick,D._Speaking Parables
Cheung, A._Idol Food in Corinth
Chilton & Neusner_Judaism in the NT
Cho,J.D._Jesus' Teaching on Repentance
Cook,J.G._Interpretation of NT in Greco-Roman Paganism
Cousland,J.R.C._The Crowds in the Gospel Of Matthew
Elliott,J.H._I Peter
Engberg,T Pedersen_Paul and the Stoics
Falla, T. C._A Key to the Peshitta Gospels
Fisher,N.F._The Parables of Jesus
Gager,J._Reinventing Paul
Guthrie,George H. _ The Structure of Hebrews
Harrington,D.J._The Church According to NT
Harrington,J.M._The Lukan Passion Narrative - the Markan Materia in Lk. 22, 54- 23, 25. A Historical Survey: 1891-1997
Heatherley, E.X._Parables of Christ
Hedrick,C.W._Parables as Poetic Fictions
Herrick&Mann_Jesus Wept
Hillert,S._Limited and Universal Salvation (in St. Paul)
Horbury,V._Suffering & Martyrdom in the NT
Hultgren, A.J._The Parables of Jesus
Inch,M.A._Two Gospel Motifs: the Original Quest & the Messianic Theophany
Johnson,L.T._1st & 2nd Letters to Timothy
Johnson,L.T._Letters to Paul's Delegates-1,2 Tim and Tit
Joubert,S._Paul as Benefactor
Kelhoffe,J.A.r_ Miracle & Mission-Authentication of Missionaries in the longer ending of Mark
Koperski,V._Paul and the Law
Lambrecht,J._Out of the Treasure-Parables in the Gospel of Matt
Lindars,B. _The Johannine Literature
Loader,W.R.G._Jesus' Attitude towards the Law
Logan, A.H.B. _NT and Gnosis
Lohse, E._Das NT als Urkunde des Evangeliums
Ludeman,G. _Jesus after 2000 Years
Luz,U._Matthew 8-20
MacDonald, Margaret Y._ Colossians and Ephesians
Malbon,E. S._In the Company of Jesus-Characters in Mark
McCant_2 Corinthians
Mijoga,H.B.P._Pauline Notion of the Deeds of the Law
Millard,A._Reading & Writing in the Time of Jesus
Moses,A.D.A._Matthew's Transfiguration Story & Jewish-Christian Controversy
Mount,C._Pauline Christianity
Nielsen,A.E._Until it is Fulfilled-Lukan Eschatology
Orr,W.F._I Corinthians
Porter,S.E._The Paul of Acts
Raisanen,H._Paul and the Law
Ridderbos, H._Paul-An Outline of His Theology
Robert E. Cleveland_Colossians: Polemic or parenesis
Sandmel,S._A Jewish Understanding of the NT
Schweitzer,A. The Quest of the Historical Jesus
Seifrid,M.A._Christ, our righteousness-Paul's Theology of Justification
Setze,R._Encounters with the Living Christ
Sherwin,A.N._White_Roman Society & Law in NT
Sider,J.W._Interpreting the Parables
Simpson,E.K._Commentary on the Epistles to the Ephesians & Colossians
Smith,D.M._Composition&Order of the 4th Gospel
Starr,James M. _ Sharers in Divine Nature : 2 Peter 1: 4 in its Hellenistic Context
Stein,R.H._An Introduction to the Parables of Jesus
Tannehil,R.l_Dying & Rising with Christ-Study in Pauline Theology
Van Aarde A._Fatherless in Galilee-Jesus as Child of God
Verheyden, J. ed. _The Unity of Luke-Acts
Wan, Sze-kar_Power in Weakness: Conflict & Rhetoric in Paul s 2 Corinthians

New Testament: (instruments)

Bibliographies for Biblical Research 9 volumes
Gospels, Acts, Romans, 1 & 2 Corinthians, Revelation
Evans,Craig A. Dictionary of the NT Background
Le Peau,A. Dictionary of the Later NT and its Developments
Cremer, Hermann_Biblico-Theological Lexicon of NT Greek
Lavergne,C._Diagnoses des suffixes grecs du NT
Metzger,A. Textual Commentary on the Greek NT
Mills,W.E._Bibliographies on the Life & Teachings of Jesus
Seubert,A.H._the Index to the NT & the Topical Analysis to the NT
Seubert,A.H._Topical Analysis to the NT
Wagner,G._An Exegetical Bibliography of the NT (3 volumes) : Matthew & Mark, Luke & Acts, John & 1,2,3
John Whitaker, E._Analytical Concordance to the New Revised Standard Version of the NT

New Testament: (theology):
Cullmann,O._Christology of the NT
Green&Turner_Between Two Horizons-Spanning NT Studies & Systematic Theology
Wright,N.T._The Challenge of Jesus

New Testament: apocrypha:
Valantasis,R._The Gospel of Thomas

Old Testament:
16th Old Testament Congress-Oslo 1998
Baker & Arnold_The Face of OT Studies-Contemporary Approaches
Bateman, Herbert W. _Early Jewish Hermeneutics and Hebrews 1:5-13
Beck,J.A._Translators as Storytellers-Septuagint Translation Technique
Brenner, M.L._Song of the Sea: Ex 15:1-21
Brodie,T.L._Genesis as Dialogue
Caspi&Cohen_Still Waters Run Deep-5 women of the Bible speak
Collins&Flint_Book of Daniel-Compsition & Reception
De Boer, P.A.H. ed_25 jaahr Oudtestamentisch Werkgezelschap in Nederland
De Moor, J.C._Synchronic or Diachronic
Drazin, I._Targum Onkelos to Leviticus
Ekblad,E.R._Isaiah's Servant Poem according to the LXX
Freedman, David N._The Unity of the Hebrew Bible
Gerstenberger,E.S._Psalms 2 volumes
Goulder,M._The Psalms of the Return
Ha,John_Genesis 15
Holladay,W.L._Jeremiah 2 volumes
Lohfink,Norbert _ The God of Israel and the Nations
Mauchline,J._1 and 2 Samuel
Milgrom,Jacob_Leviticus 17-22
Milgrom,J._Leviticus 23-27
Murphy,R.E._The Gift of the Psalms
M.A.Sweeney_The 12 Prophets
Romer,T._Future of the Deutoronomistic History
Rost,L._The Succession to the Throne of Daavid
Schaper,J._Eschatology in the Greek Psalter
Stordalen,T._Echoes of Eden
Thompson,Henry O._The Book of Jeremiah
Tov,E._Textual Criticism of the Hebrew Bible
Van Ruiten,J.T.A.G.M. _Primaeval History Interpreted : Rewriting of Gen 1-11 in the Book of Jubilees
Walsh,J.T._Style & Structure in Biblical Hebrew Narrative
Weiser,A._The Old Testament
Wenin,A._Studies in the Book of Genesis
Ziegler_Sapientia Iesu Filii Sirach

Old Testament (theology):
Anderson,B.W._Contours of OT Theology
Anderson,B.W._Understanding the OT
Eichrodt, W._Theology of the Old Testament (2 vol.)
Gowan,D.E._Eschatology in the OT
Gowan,D.E._Theology of the Prophetic Books
Scott,J.M._Restoration-OT, Jewish & Christian Perspectives

Church Fathers

Fathers-linguistic instruments
Daele_Indices Pseudo-Dionysiani

Alexander,P.J._Patriarch Nicephorus of C-pole
Alwan,P.K._Anthropologie de Jacques de Saroug
Anastos,Thomas Leo_Essence, Energies, Hypostasis:
Epistemological Analysis of the Eastern Orthodox Model of God (Ph.D. diss)
Arnold,D.W-H._The Early Episcopal Career of Athanasius
Azkoul,M._The influence of Augustine on the Orthodox Church
Barnes,M.R._The Power Of God-Dynamis in Gregory of Nyssa's Trinitarian Theology
Barnes,T.D._Athanasius & Constantius
Bernardi,J._St. Gregoire Nazianze
Brakke,D._Athanasius and the Politics of Asceticism
Brock,S._L'oeil de lumiere : la vision spirituelle de St. Ephrem
Brock,S._The Luminous Eye : the spiritual world vision of St. Ephrem
Brown,C.T._The Gospel and Ignatius of Antioch
Canevet,M._Gregoire de Nysse et l'hermeneutique biblique
Cazier,P._Isidore de Seville et la naissance de l'Espagne catholique
Crouzel,H. ed _Origeniana I
Du Toit,D.S. _Theios Anthropos : zur Verwendung von Theios Anthropos in der Literatur der Kaiserzeit
Duncan,E.J._Baptism in the Demonstrations of Aphraates
Dunn,J.D.G. The Theology of Paul the Apostle
Duval,Y.M. _St Jerome entre l'Occident et l'Orient
Fedou,M._Le Christ d'Origene
Fontaine,J._Isidore de Seville et la culture classique (3 vols)
Gagniere, Lauvergnat Ch._Lucien de Samosate
Gallay,P._Gregor von Nazianz Briefe
Gallay,P._Vie de St. Gregoire de Nazianze
Gavin,J._Jerome and Jovinian
Geary,J_ Gregory the Great & Fredegar
Gerber,S._Th. von Mopsuestia & das Nicanum
Grison,R._Commentaire de St Jerome sur prophete Isaie-Livr 1-4
Harrison,V.E.F._Grace and Human Freedom According to St. Gregory of Nyssa
Holmes,A._A Life Pleasing to God-Spirituality of the Rules of St. Basil
Jay,P._L'Exegese de st Jerome d'apres son 'Commentaire sur Isaie'
Jeanjean,B._St Jerome et l'heresie
Kelly,J.N.D._Golden Mouth
Kelly,J.N.D._Jerome-his Life, Doctrine & Controversies
Lochbrunner,M._Zum Priesterbild des Johannes Chrysostomus
Louth,A._Maximus the Confessor
Lymann,J.R._Cristology & Cosmology-Origen, Eusebius, Athanasius
Mayer&Allen_John Chrysostom
Meredith,A._Gregory of Nyssa
Meyendorff,J._Byzantine Hesychasm
Meyendorff,J._Byzantine Theology
Meyendorff,J._Byzantine Theology2
Meyendorff,J._Byzantium and the rise of Russia
Meyendorff,J._Intro a l'etude de G.Palamas
Meyendorff,J._Orthodox Church - Its Past & Role in the World Today
Meyendorff,J._Study Of Saint Gregory Palamas
Neusner,J._Aphrahat and Judaism
Oxford Essays in Biblical & Patristic Criticism 5 volumes
Papademetriou,G. C. _ Intro to St Gregory Palamas
Pellegrino_La poesia di S.Gregorio Nazianzeno
Petruccione,J._Nova&Vetera (Patristic Studies)
Prestige_Fathers and Heretics
Rogers,R._Theophilus of Antioch
Rousseau,P._Basil of Cesarea
Ruether,R._Saint Gregory of Nazianzus
Sachot,M._L'homelie pseudo-chrysostomienne sur la transfiguration
Simmons,E._Fathers and Doctors of the Church
Strachey,M._The Fathers Without Theology
Thee,C.R.-Julius Africanus and Early Christian View of Magic
Timothy,H.B._Early Christian Apologists & Greek Philosophy
Winslow_Dynamics of Salvation-Study in Gregory of Nazianz
Wyss,B._Gregor von Nazianz
Zachhuber,J._Human Nature In Gregory Of Nyssa

Fathers of the Church-texts
Aelfric's Catholic Homilies (Godden,Malcolm ed)
Athanasius Alexandrinus_Werke : die dogmatischen Schrifte
Athanasius I Patriarch of Constantinople_Correspondence
Athenagora_De resurrectione mortuorum (Boeft,J. ed)
Bar Hebraeus_Book of the Dove
Barbel,J. _Gregory Von Nazianz - 5 theologischen
Reden Bernard of Clairvaux_Letters
Cassiodorus_Explanation of the Psalms (3 volumes)
Courtonne,Y._Saint Basile_Lettres (3 volumes)
De Journel,R._Enchiridion Patristicum
Dorries,H. _50 Geistlichen Homilien des Makarios
Ephraem Syrus_Opera Omnia (10 volumes, Rome, 1737)
Fremantle,A. _Treasury of Early Christianity (florilegium)
Geoffrey of Auxerre_On the Apocalypse
Gregoire Palamas_Defense de Saints hesychastes (translated by J.Meyendorff)
Gregoire Palamas_The Triads
Gregoire Palamas_The Triads (translated by J. Meyendorff & N. Gendle)
Gregorii Nysseni_Opera_ W.J.,H.L.,H.Dorrie
Gregory of Nyssa_Homilies on the Beatitudes-8th internat. colloq
Hippolytus_Refutatio omnium haeresium- Greek text
Hippolytus_The refutation of all heresies
Isidore of Seville_History of the Kings of the Goths
Nicholas of Lyra-The Senses of Scripture
Norris,F._Faith Gives Fullness to Reasoning-5theol.orations_St Gregorie Nazianze
Rodrigues,D. Pedro_Antologia de la literatura espiritual espanola (3 volumes)
Saint Ephrem_Les Chants de Nisibe
Saint Gregorie de. Nazianze_Lettres (2 volumes, tr. by Paul Gallay)
St. Isaac the Syrian_Ascetical Homilies. Hagiography
Joassart,B. _H.Delehaye : Hagiographie critique et modernisme 2 volumes
Sticca,Sandro_Studies in Hagiography

Liturgy Sources

Denzinger,H. _Ritus Orientalium
Jasper & Cuming_Prayers of the Eucharist-Early and Reformed
Marquess, John The Roman Breviary
Menaia (Mhnia Greek - 1888) 6 volumes
Nachtigal,Rajko Euchologium Sinaiticum
Roberts & Capelle_An Early Euchologium-Der Balizeh papyrus
Sheerin,D.J._The Eucharist (Message of the Fathers of the Church)
Ware,Kallistos & Mother Mary_The Lenten Triodion

Liturgy Studies

Adam,Adolf Foundation of Liturgy 32
Albert, Micheline et al._Christianismes orientaux - bibliografie liturgica
Baumer_Histoire du breviaire 2volumes
Benoit&Munier_Le Bapteme dans l'Eglise ancienne
Bradshaw,P._Essays on Early Euchristic Prayers
Braun,J._Die Liturgische Gewandung-Orient und Occident
Conferences Saint Serge 5 volumes
Conferences St. Serge Semaine liturgique 27_Le Christ dans la Liturgie - turn
Couasnon,C._Church Of The Holy Sepulchre In Jerusalem
Cramer,P._Baptism and Change in the Early Middle Ages
Crichton,J.D._Changes in the Liturgy
Crichton,J.D_Church's Worship
Crook,John_The architectural setting of the cult of saints in th
Davies,J.G.-New Westminster Dictionary of Liturgy & Worship
Foi et Liturgie- Actes du 7e colloque sur le rite romain - turn
Frere,W.H._The Anaphora
Gaise,R._Signes sacramentels de l'Eucharistie dans l'eglise catho
Heffernan & Matters_Liturgy of the Medieval Church
Hughes,K._Finding Voice to Give God Praise
Johnson,M._Between Memory & Hope-Readings on the Liturgical Year
Johnson,Max._Living Water, Sealing Spirit
Jones&Wainwright_The Study of Liturgy
Kavanagh,A._On Liturgical Theology
Kilmartin,E.J._Eucharist in the West
Koenig_The Feast of the World's Redemption-Eucharistic Origins & Christian Mission
LaVerdiere,E._Eucharist in the NT & the Early Church
Macquarrie,J._A Guide to the Sacraments
Macy,G._Treasures from the Storeroom-Medieval and the Eucharist
Martimort, A.G._L'Eglise en priere-Introduction a la Liturgie - turn
Martimort, A.G._The Church at Prayer 1 (Principles of the Liturgy) - turn
Martimort, A.G._The Church at Prayer 2 (The Eucharist) - turn
Martimort, A.G._The Church at Prayer 3 (The Sacraments) - turn
Martimort,A.G._The Church at Prayer 4
Mazza,E._Origins of the Eucharistic Prayer
Mercer,S.A.B._Ethiopic Liturgy
Nocent,A._Future of the Liturgy Palazzo,E._History of Liturgical Books
Pecklers,K.F._Unread Vision-Liturgical Movement in USA
Power,D.N._The Word Of The Lord - Liturgy's Use of Scripture
Sartore & Triacca_Nuovo Dizzionario di Liturgia
Schmemann,A._For the Life of the World
Schmemann,A._Introduction to Liturgical Theology
Schmemann,A._Journals of Fr. Al. Schmemann
Schmemann,A._Sacraments & Orthodoxy Schultz,H.-J._The Byzantine Liturgy
Solovey,M.M.The Byzantine Divine Liturgy 83-127
Spinks,B.D._The Sacrifice of Praise
Srawley,J.H._Early History of the Liturgy-p 194
St.H. Gibaut,J._The Cursus Honorum Stevenson,K._Liturgy Reshaped
Taft,R._Liturgy in Byzantium and Beyond
Taft,R._Liturgy of the Hours in East and West
The Proceedings of the Second International Colloquim 1996_Veneration & Administration of the Eucharist
Tillard,J-M-R_Flesh of the Church, Flesh of Christ
Torevell,D._Losing the Sacred
Van Dijk & Walker_Origins of the Modern Roman Liturgies
Van Dijk,S.J.P._Sources of the modern roman liturgy
Van Harn, Roger E. (ed)_Lectionary Commentary 3 - turn
Vogel,C._Medieval Liturgy
Vogel,D.W._Primary Sources of Liturgical Theology - a Reader
Wakefield,G.S._An Outline of Christian Worship
Wegman,H._Christian Worship in East and West
Winkler,G._Studies in Early Christian Liturgy

Theology Modern

Ackley,J.B._Church of the Word-comparison Rahner-Ebeling
Alphonsinian Academy_Studia Moralia 35,I
Andresen&Klein_Theologia Crucis-Signum Crucis
Baum,G._20th Century-a Theological Overview
Berkhof,H._Doctrine of the Holy Spirit
Blocher,H._Original Sin
Burrill,D.R._Cosmological Arguments
Carmignac,J._Recherches sur le Notre-Pere
Cattanneo,D._Credo Ecclesiam
Church History-theology
Cremer,H._Reply to Harnack on the Essence of Christianity
Cunningham, David S. (ed)_Ecumenical Theology in Worship, Doctrine & Life
Cunningham,D.S._These Three are One
De Lubac, Henri_Scripture in the Tradition - turn
Dulles,A._New World of Faith
Dwyer,J.A._Questions of Special Urgency
Eigo,F._At the Threshold of the Third Millennium (2 vol)
Fiddes,P._The Promissed End
Ford, David F. The Modern Theologians (2 vol)
Fortman,E.J._Triune God-Historical Study of the Doctrine
Frings, Manfred S._The Mind of Max Scheller - turn
Giussani,L._At The Origin Of The Christian Claim
Grigg,R._Imaginary Christs
Hanson,B.C._Intro to Christian Theology
Hiers,R.H._Trinity Guide to the Bible
Hill,W.J._The Three-Personed God
Hodgson,P.C._Gods Wisdom-Toward a Theology Of Education
Horton,M.S._Covenant & Eschatology- The Divine Drama
Kasper,W._Christian Understanding of Freedom
Kelly,A. _The Trinity of Love
Knox,C._Changing Christian Paradigms-And their Implications for Modern Thought
Lamm,N._70 Faces- Articles Of Faith Vol. 1
Lamm,N._70 Faces- Articles Of Faith Vol. 2
Lubac De,H._Le drame de l'humanisme athee
Lubac De,H._Le mystere du surnaturel
Lubac De,H._Paradoxes
Luttenberger,G._Introduction to Christology
Macquarrie,J._Thinking about God
Maloney,G.A._God's Exploding Love
Markus,R.A._Sacred and Secular
Marrone,S._Light of Thy Countenance-Sci&Knowledge of God in c 13
Marshall,B.D._Trinity & Truth
McCready,W._Signs of Sanctity-Miracles in the Thought of Greg the
Medley,M.S._Imago Trinitatis-To a Relational Understanding of Bec
Miller,R.C._The Language Gap and God-Religious Language & Christi
Molnar, Paul D._Divine Freedom and the Doctrine of the Immanent Trinity - turn
Moore,S._Jesus the Liberator of desire
Murphy, Mark C._An Essay on Divine Authority - turn
Nassif.B._New Perspectives on Historical Theology - i. Meyendorff
O'Collins,G._The Tripersonal God
Pannenberg,W._Anthropology in Theological Perspective
Parken,D._Anthropology of Evil
Percy_Calling Time-Religion & Change at the Turn of Millennium
Placher,W.C._A History of Christian Theology
Polkinghorne,J._Work of Love-Creation as Kenosis
R.Winling_La theologie contemporaine
Rahner_Faith in a wintry season
Rahner_The Content of Faith
Rahner_The Shape of the Church to Come
Redmond,H.A._The Omnipotence Of God
Ritschl,A._Christian Doctrine of justification & Reconciliation
Schleiermacher,Friedrich_The Christian Faith
Schlossmann,S._Persona & Prosopon im Recht und im christlichen Do
Schmauss,M._Essence of Christianity Schwarz,H._Christology
Scott,J.M._Restoration-OT, Jewish & Christian Perspectives
Smeaton,G._Doctrine of the Holy Spirit
Sontag,F._The Acts of the Trinity
Steffler,A.W._Symbols of the Christian Faith
Studer,B._Mysterium Caritatis
Torrance,T.F._Conflict And Agreement In The Church
Van Voorst,R.E._Readings In Christianity
Vorgrimle,H._Sacramental Theology
Welch,C._In This Name-Trinity in Contemporary Theology
Weshemi,A.M.Ng_Rediscovering the Human-Quest for a Christo-Theol
Wierenga,E._The nature of God-Inquiry into Divine Attributes
Wright,W.M._Sacred Heart Gateway to God

Theology Modern Orthodox

Arens,E._Christopraxis,a theology of action
Bulgakov,S._The Bride of the Lamb
Florovsky, Georges_Bible, Church, Tradition- an Orthodox Christian View - turn
Miller,C._The Gift of the World-Fr.D.Staniloae's Theology
Staniloae,Dumitri_Turcescu,L._ Tradition And Modernity In Theology Staniloae,Dumitru_Theology and the church


B.Joassart_H.Delehaye-Hagiographie critique et modernisme 1
B.Joassart_H.Delehaye-Hagiographie critique et modernisme 2
Sandro Sticca_Saints Studies in Hagiography

Church History

Burchard,C._Armenia & the Bible
Nersoyan,_Tiran Armenian Church Historical Studies
Armstrong & Wood_Christianizing Peoples & Converting Individuals
Aston,N._Religious Change in Europe 1650-1914
Attwater,D._Christian Churches of the East
Aufstieg und Niedergang der Romischen Welt-II.16.1
Becker,J._Christian Beginnings
Binns,John _Ascetics and Ambassadors of Christ
Bishop Theophilus Church History
Bogolepov,A.A. Church Reforms in Russia 1905-1918
Bornkamm,G._Early Christian Experience
Bradley,J.E._Church History-Research, Reference Works, Methods
Brehier,L._Schisme Oriental
Brox,N._A Concise History of the Early Church
Brundage,J.A._Crusades-A Documentary Survey
Chadwick,O._A History of the Popes 1830-1914
Charles-Edwards,T.M._Early Christian Ireland

Church Council russian

Cristiani,L._Histoire de l'Eglise 21 volumes
Cunningham,J._The Vanquished Hope 73-119
Daley,B.E._The Hope of the Early Church
Dauvillier, Jean_Histoire et institutions des Eglises orientales au Moyen Age - turn
David Aus,R._Stilling of the Storm-Studies in Early Palestinian J
Dolan,Thomas S._The Papacy and the first councils of the Church
Dreuille De,Ch. _L'Eglise et la mission au 6-e siecle
Duby,G._The Chivalrous Society
Duchesne,L._Beginnings of the Temporal Sovereignity of the Popes
Dunn,P.J._Priesthood-p 92
Edmundson,G._The Church in Rome in the 1st Century
Elm.S_Virgins of God-Making of Asceticism in Late Antiquity
Evans,J.A.S._Age of Justinian
Forey,A._Military Orders & Crusades
Frend,W.H.C._The Early Church
Frend,W.H.C._The Rise of the Monophysite Movement
Grant,R.A._Augustus to C-tin - Thrust of Christian Movement into
Greene,M._Evangelism in the Early Church
Gustavson,A._The Catacomb Church
Hamilton&Hamilton_Christian Dualist Heresies in the Byzantine Em
Hastings,A._A World History of Christianity
Hefele,C.J._Hisoire des conciles 22 volumes
Heid,S._Celibacy in the Early Church
Hinson,E.G_Evangelization of the Roman Empire
Hinson,E.G_The Early Church
Jonas,H._The Gnostic Religion
Jugie,M. _Le Schisme Byzantine
Kelly,J.N.D._Early Christian Creeds
Kloczowski,Jerzy_A history of polish christianity
Kolbaba,T.M._The Byzantine Lists-Errors of the Latins
Kuefler,M._Manly Eunuch-Masculinity, Gender Ambiguity & Christian
Layton,B. ed_Rediscovery of Gnosticism
Le Glay,M._History of Rome
Lebreton,J.History of the Primitive Church II
Margherita marchione, Pope Pius XII architect for peace
McKenzie, Steven L., Historiography in the Ancient World and Bible BZAW 294
McNary,B.-Zak_Letters and asceticism
Meyendorff, John_The Orthodox Church - Its Past and Its Role in the World Today
Meyendorff,J. Imperial Unity and Christian Divisions 450-680A.D bad 129
Meyendorff,J. Rome, Constantinople, Moscow
Meyendorff,J. The Orthodox church
Meyendorff,J._Byzantium and the rise of Russia
Meyendorff,J._Orthodox Church - Its Past & Role in the World Today
Moran,W._The Government of the Church in the First Century
Novak,R.M._Christianity & Roman Empire-Background Texts
Palanque,J.R.The Church in the Christian Roman Empire
Pearson,B.A._Gnosticism, Judaism & Egyptian Christianity
Peters,E._First Crusade-Source Materials
Petersen,J.M._The Dialogues of Gregory the Great in their Cultural Background
Pirotte,J._Deux milles ans d'histoire de l'Eglise
Poulet_Histoire du christianisme
Pounds,N._A History of the English Parish
Renucci,P._Idees politiques et gouvernement de l'emp. Julien
Reydellet,M._La royaute dans la litterature latine
Riley,G.J._River of God-A New History of Christian Origins
Runciman,S._The Eastern Schism
Samir Khalil Samir_Christian Arabic Apologetics During the Abb
Schubart,Wilhem _Palaeographie
Sider,R.D._Christian & Pagan in the Roman Empire
Simon,Marcel_Paganisme, Judaisme, Christianisme
Smith,J.M.H._Early medieval Rome and the Christian West
Spiritualite de l'heresie-Le catharisme
Steggemann,E.W._The Jesus Movement
Stocking,R L. Bishops Councils and Consensus in the Visigothic
Stoyanov,Y._The Other God-Dualist Religions Antiquity to Cathars
Strype,J._Memorials of Thomas Cranmer v.2
Swanson, R.N._The holy land, holy lands, and Christian History
Tardieu,M._Les Paysages Reliques
Trevett,Christine_ Montanism
Urbansky,A.B._Byzantium & the Danube frontier
Van Roey,A.Monophysite Texts of the 6th Century
Vivante,Bella _Womens's Roles in ancient civilization
Volz,C.A._The Medieval Church
Wace,Henry_Dictionary of Christian Biography
Walsh,M._Dictionary of Christian Biography
Zernov, N. The Russian Religious Renaissance

Church History-theology

Abraham,W.J._Canon and Criterion in Christian Theology-from Fathers to Feminism
Badcock,F.J._History of the Creeds
Collins,J._The Jewish Roots of Christological Monotheism
Cunliffe-Jones_History of Christian Doctrine
Haykin,M.A.G._The Spirit Of God
Jugie,M._Theologia Dogmatica Christianorum Orientalium (5 volumes)
Kattenbusch, F._Das apostolische symbol (2 volumes)
Kelly,J.N.D._Early Christian Creeds
McGrath,A.E._Historical Theology-intro to Christian Thought
Otten,J._A Manual of the History of Dogmas (2 volumes)
Schaff,P._The Creeds of Christendom (2 volumes)
Sherrard,P._Greek East & Latin West-study in Christian Tradition
Van Oort & Wickert_Christliche Exegese Zwischen Nicaea Und Chalcedon
Wickham,L.R._Christian Faith & Greek Philosophy in Late Antiquity


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